The Fields Representation Project

The field representation project consistes of two main components. The field representation language (FRL) and an API that parses and generates FRL files called the Abstract Field Layer (AFL). Information on FRL will appear here soon. This is the place do download the AFL.


AFL is a C++ API. The API documentation (generated with doxygen) can be found here. The FieldFactory class is a good start.

AFL can be downloaded from its SF download page

AFL depends on Xerces-C version 2.7

AFL depends on HDF5

AFL depends on QuickHull but you don't need to do anything - the code comes with AFL and AFL knows how to build it.

AFL is released under the GPL.

DDF is now a part of AFL, it is part of the API that only developers that wish to extend AFL need worry with.

To install AFL see the INSTALL file.

Past Projects

There are several projects that were developed in conjunction either as honours thesis work or as demonstration of AFL:
  • Fields Solver Framework uses AFL to quickly build spatial models from lumped-parameter models and field representation of the environment they are encased in.
    • Includes reference implementation of a FSFW solver that solves a tissue model from single-cell models and several hundred fields.
    • both were developed by Kheng Kua
  • The Visiome Toolkit for visualisation of fields.

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